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Core Values

Our company would not be where it is today without our complete faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. We have always made sure to acknowledge Him in all that we do and give God the first fruits of our labor.

>We are very blessed to have four daughters that serve in church and have taken an active interest in our company. “Train a child in the way he should go and they will not depart from it.” We are also extremely proud of their continued contributions to the community and look forward to the day when they become a vital part of Van-G Logistics.

Van-G Logistics has a wonderful team of employees and we are grateful for their contributions to the growing success of our company. We offer a safe work-environment and endeavor to ensure that employees have ample opportunities for open communication and dialogue with management. We fully recognize that our company expansions have been in part to due to a reliance on competent, well-trained and dedicated employees who work daily to respond to customer needs.

Giving Back to our community

Van-G Logistics believes in the community and in supporting and investing in the well being of the communities that they are a part of. Van-G Logistics believes that their business is only as good as the community it is in and the community it serves. This belief pushes Van-G Logistics to invest in the community giving not only monetary contributions, but time and resources as well.

Green Features

Van-G Logistics constantly strives to create a green work environment and reduce our environmental impact on society. For example, by utilizing rail systems instead of long haul trucking, we are able to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 2.5 metric tons of carbon per truckload. See our carbon calculator to figure out how much carbon you could save by using rail instead of trucks!

Using rail systems instead of long haul trucking also equates to a reduction of wear and tear to our interstate highway system, resulting in huge savings to California taxpayers. Van-G also recycles nearly three tons of waste every year instead of sending it to the landfill,
including 100% of all green materials. Looking forward, we are exploring the use of solar panels to provide sustainable green power systems for our facilities and reduce our environmental footprint.



September 16, 2014

Van-G Logistics is always taking applications for potential mechanic positions. Van-G Logistics hires Diesel and General mechanics to repair all series of truck, trailer, and warehousing equipment.

Office Clerk

September 16, 2014

Van-G Logistics offers its customers transloading including truck to rail and rail to truck service, dry and cold storage, and short haul trucking. Van-G Logistics is always taking applications for full time and part time office clerks to process daily paper work and aid in the daily operation of our business.


September 16, 2014

Van-G Logistics is always looking for qualified employees. Please apply here for sales positions.


September 16, 2014

Van-G Logistics is seeking a Dispatcher to supervise and coordinate activities and routing of drivers engaged in transporting different commodities to customers and company locations.

General Labor

September 15, 2014

Van-G Logistics is always looking for qualified employees. Please apply here for general labor positions.